American Airlines adds passport chip scan to mobile application

American Airlines has become one in every of the primary airlines within the world to supply passport chip scanning as a part of its mobile app.

The technology transmits the desired passport data directly from the NFC chip embedded within the passport and permits passengers to move on to the gate for international flights while not

having their passports rechecked by a client service agent.

“We square measure unceasingly adding options to our app to create travel easier and worry-free for our customers,” same Maya Leibman, America’s Chief data Officer.

“Mobile passport scanning removes a long step, providing our customers with a electric sander arrival expertise for international flights.”

Currently, customers outgoing on international flights WHO register on the app, have their passports rechecked at the landing field.

This step is needed even though the client has uploaded a photograph of their passport via the mobile app.

With this new sweetening, the client are prompted to enter their passport data and so scan their passport with Associate in Nursing iOS or humanoid device.

The app provides easy-to-follow directions for the method.

Mobile passport scanning is that the latest in an exceedingly long line of latest client options yank has enforced to the airline’s app to create travel easier for purchasers.

different recent introductions embody boarding notifications, Siri shortcuts and a dark mode choice.

American has additionally unrolled further services to enhance the travel experiences, as well as biometric international boarding, virtual 3D craft tours on-line, a redesigned self-service booth menu that simplifies.

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